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Karina Herteig


87-88: University of Bergen, Norway. Art History

83-84: San Francisco Art Institute, USA. Ceramic and Painting

75-80: Western Norway Art Academy, Norway. Sculpture.

72-74: College of Arts and Crafts, Copenhagen, Denmark.

70-72: College of Arts and Crafts, Bergen, Norway



2017: Show in progress, project. Galleri Christinegaard

2014: Galleri Christinegaard, Norway

2013: Skien Art Society. Norway

2012: Gallery Parken, Bergen, Norway

2012: Galerie bij de Boeken, The Netherlands

2011: Heike Arnt Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2011: Mandal Art Society, Norway

2009: “Art Bank” Hamar. The Culture House, Bømlo. Norway

2008: Gallery Parken, Bergen, Norway.

2007: Kristiansand Art Society. Kragerø Art Society. Nordtrøndelag County Gallery. Norway

2006: Pickled Art Center, Beijing, China

2005: Haugesund Art Society. Norway

2004: Aas Art Society. Rana Art Society. Norway

2003: Jazzspillutstiller, Mandal. Norway

2000: Mandal Art society. Norway

1997: Gallery Lista Fyr. Norway

1994: Mandal Art Society. Flekkefjord Art Society.

1990: Hordamuseet, Bergen. Farsund Art Society.

1984: Brannigan Cultural Center, NM, USA. The Culture House, Bergen. Norway.



2016: USF- Verftet

2015: Galleri Christinegaard, Ink Meets Paper.

2014: Galleri Christinegaard. • University of Nikkon Si Thammarat, Thailand

2012: Huntenkunst, The Netherlands

2011: Mandal Art Society. Norway

2009: The Culture Factory, Mandal. Vevring-Art Fair, Sogn og Fjordane. Norway

2007: Voss: 400m Art. Norway

2006: 798, Beijing, China

2004: Montmartre, Paris. France. Mandal Art Society. Norway

2003: Aker Brygge, Oslo. Gallery 9, Kristiansand. Norway

2002: Gallery 9, Kristiansand. Agder Biennale, Kristiansand Art Society. Norway

1997: Gallery 9, Kristiansand. Gallery M, Mandal. Norway

1995: Mandal Art Society. Norway

1994: Horda-exhibition. Norway

1993: Horda-exhibition. Seljord Art Society. Mandal Art Society. Sculpture Park Telemark. Norway

1992: Gallery 9, Kristiansand. Ullensvang Art Society. Norway

1991: Bergen Art Society. Vevring Art Fair. Norway

1990: The States Autumn Exhibition. Western Norway Art Fair. Norway

1989: Western Norway Art Fair.

1988: Western Norway Art Fair. Sculpture park, Kristiansand. Kongsberg Art Society.

1987: The States Autumn Exhibition, Oslo. Spring Exhibition, Oslo. Norway

1986: The States Autumn Exhibition, Oslo. Horde Exhibition Gallery 1, Bergen. Bergen Art Society. Norway

1983/85 Bergen Art Society. Norway

1982: Bergen Art Society. Artists House, Oslo. Kristiansand Art Society. Trondheim Art Society.

1980: Artists House, Oslo. UKS, Oslo. Norway

1979: UKS, Oslo. Bergen Art Society. Artists House, Oslo. Norway

1975-76-77: Gallery 1, Bergen. Norway



2011: Mandal Art Society. Norway. Acquisition/Embellishment

2008: Bergen Commune, Norway. Prize. Acquisition

2006: Melsom Elementary School. Norway. Embellishment

2005: Mo i Rana Kindergarten. Norway. Embellishment.

2002: Norwegian Forest Museum, Elverum. Norway. Sculpture. Acquisition

2001: The Bryggen in Bergen. Norway. Embellishment

2000: University of Bergen. Norway. Embellishment

1998: Teleteam, Mandal. Norway. Embellishment

1997: Art and Factory, Mandal. Norway. Commission

1995: High School of Flekkefjord. Norway. Embellishment

1994: College of Flekkefjord. Norway. Commission

1993: Starum Securety Center. Norway. Embellishment

1988: Hornnes Telemark. Norway. Embellishment

1986: Mediahuset, Bergen. Norway. Acquisition



2003: “Repetition X” with P.T.Govertsen, Gallery Ballastbrygga. Installation/performance. Norway.

2000: “Sound and light-containers”, Installation, Mandal Art Society. Norway.

1999: “Ice castle” Installation, Mandal Art Society. Norway.

1997: “MA” Installation and performance, Gallery Lista Fyr. Norway.

1992: “The Source II”, Vevring- Art Fair. Norway

1990: “Between the Rooms” Bergen; Installation. Norway.

1989: “Virtu” and “Muutoksia”, Sveaborg, Installations, Finland.

1987: “The source”, New Mexico, USA.

1986: ”Media virgins” Bergen; Performance. Norway.

1984: ”Cityscape”, SFAI, USA; Installation. Norway.



2012: Hundested, Denmark. Søndervig, Denmark.

2011: Søndervig, Denmark. Kristiansand, Norway

2010: Kristiansand, Norway

2009: Gustav Vigeland Sculptures, Den Hague, The Netherlands

2008: Søndervig, Denmark.

2006: Søndervig / Løkken, Denmark.

2005: Søndervig / Rømø Denmark.

2004: Søndervig / Blokhus Denmark.

2003: Luliang, Kina. Søndervig, Denmark.

2002: Blokhus, Denmark. 3 prize.

2001: Blokhus, Denmark.

2000: Glasgow, Scotland. Dieren The Netherlands. Mandal, Norway

1999: Blokhus, Denmark

1998: Roskilde, Denmark



2011: Visual Artists Foundation. Grant. Norway

2006: The Vest–Agder County Cultural Grant. Mandal Commune. Cultural Grant. Bergen Communes and Hordaland County

Cultural Grant. All Norway.

2004: The Vest–Agder County Cultural Grant. Mandal Commune Cultural Grant.

2000: Equipment Grant.

1997: Exhibition Grant. Grant of Thomas Isaksen.

1990: Equipment Grant and Debut Grant.

1989: 4 month’s Guest Studio, Sveaborg, Finland.

1988: The States Material Grant

1974: 6 months, Guest Studios. Bornholm. Denmark



NBK – Agder

Komposisjon og Egenutvikling (Composition and own development.) Norsk skulptur (Norwegian Sculptures)

Norwegian Art encyclopedia. Biennale Internationale Dell'Arte Contemporanea 2001



Denmark, Germany, Poland, England, Scotland, France, Italy, Madeira, Tenerife, USA, Mexico, China and The Netherlands



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